``This is the best game I've ever played!`` - Anonymous
Velocity Breaker is an old school classic with a modern twist. It's the perfect game for the new Apple TV and its innovative touch remote.

Velocity Breaker is the best breakout / brick breaker game for the Apple TV. With realistic physics, power-ups, puzzles, challenging levels and a soundtrack by Philos Records, Velocity Breaker provides hours of entertainment. Glass shatters, metal clangs, and lasers ricochet. Open gates and avoid obstacles to beat each level. With new levels added regularly and high scoreboards to climb, Velocity Breaker provides hours of “breakout” fun with a modern twist. Download it on your Apple TV today! View it in the App Store

* 30 challenging levels with new levels added regularly
* An awesome soundtrack by Philos Records
* Global Highscore Boards
* Realistic Physics
* Challenging puzzles
* Skillful power-ups


With a soundtrack by Philos Records, Velocity Breaker is as much an aural experience as it is a visual one. With fourteen different tracks and more being added regularly, you’ll want to have Velocity Breaker be the soundtrack to your next party. Visit Philos Records to listen to all of their awesome music.