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Our Newest Project

Velocity Breaker is the best breakout / brick breaker game for the Apple TV. With realistic physics, power-ups, puzzles, challenging levels and a soundtrack by Philos Records, Velocity Breaker provides hours of entertainment. Glass shatters, metal clangs, and lasers ricochet. Open gates and avoid obstacles to beat each level. With new levels added regularly and high scoreboards to climb, Velocity Breaker provides hours of “breakout” fun with a modern twist. View it in the App Store!

* 30 challenging levels with new levels added regularly
* An awesome soundtrack by Philos Records
* Global Highscore Boards
* Realistic Physics
* Challenging puzzles
* Skillful power-ups

Older Projects

ChalkTheVote is a cross-platform mobile and web application that allows students to collaborate live in large classrooms. SolsmaDev developed a full-stack suite of front-end, back-end, iOS, Android and web applications. Learn More

BPM Visual Counter is a simple BPM (beats per minute) counter used by musicians and the musically inclined. Visual Counter is an example of a simple idea combined with exceptional design. Learn More

Run Billy Run! is a light-hearted, stylish, infinite-runner, arcade game for iPhone and iPad. Compete against friends and a global leaderboard of other players while you unlock new worlds and abilities. Learn More